I got laid! (Seriously, it’s a big thing.)

If the title didn't give it away cleanly (or dirtily, mrooowwww), then the following loud and proud bold while told text definitely will:


Yes. I know. I'm as surprised as you are. Especially those of you who wandered here by accident while attempting to find the International Community for the Relief Of Starvation and Suffering. You're all probably wondering why it's important that I tell people I got laid. Well… it isn't. Except it does make me quite happy!

…and now you probably want to know the details.

Well… it all started with…

…a phone call around midnight. I was just getting settled into bed, my hand already wrapped firmly around my dick because while my bed is all nice and comfy with the massively warm doona on the top, I still enjoy a bit of a self-shagging before bed since I'm not usually getting laid… and then I get a phone call from a girl I've been talking to on RSVP.

And the jist of the conversation is "How long will it take me to get from Bondi to Glebe, and could I bring some wine?"

The mathematics of this is:

Getting dressed: 5-7 mins
Packing a bit of clothing just in case + wine: 2 mins
Walking up to Bondi Rd + hailing a cab: 4 mins
Cab ride to Glebe when the cabbie has no idea where he's going: 10-15 mins

So by 12.30, I was at Sarah's place… bottle of 2005 Miramar Unwooded in my bag

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