How this Jew celebrates Easter

Trust a Jew – albeit a Disturbed Jew – to show his office the true meaning of Easter.

And since I don't actually know what the true meaning of Easter is, I'm going to bludge it and make up some random crap that says "the true meaning of Easter is…"

Only I'm not going to say it.

Yes, I just might leave you hanging in disbelief thinking "how can this Disturbed Jew – wait, what is a Disturbed Jew – nevermind, how can this Disturbed Jew teach me what the meaning of Easter is when he doesn't even know himself?"

Well the answer is simple.



Should I explain this?

I guess I should.

People end up cheering for their lord saviour with crackers and such and being a Disturbed Jew I have no idea what you're all on about. What the hell does a failed resurrection of a messiah have to do with bunny wabbits and chocolate eggs? Seriously, that's just fucked up.

So to further fuck it up and show you that Mario is just as messed up, I've made Mario boxes as well as a couple of legendary weighted companion cubes. But they're not just any weighted companion cubes, no…

They're Easter Weighted Companion Cubes (and Mario boxes).

Go see…

First we start with a box, a clean painting palette, and some random gold coins…

…and just that (because I forgot to take pictures) we have instant boxes! Enjoy!

Ahh… the almighty companion cube amongst some angry Mario boxes… go get em tiger…

Let's take a peak inside a Mario gold box… 

Gold coins… just as I suspected! 

Too tired to think of something witty to end this with.

How about

<insert witty easter line here> 

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    Nice work, gimme the jew gold kyle!

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