Easter is so boring.

What the hell do you do on a day when everything's closed?

I suppose the moral majority would love it if I prayed to Jesus and sang praises of the lord… whoever the hell that is…

…but I'm Jewish.

And a bad Jew at that.

A disturbed Jew.

So… yeah… I can't do that.

Nothing's open today and it has to be the worst weekend in Australian history for movies. Useless fucking Owen Wilson movies, some random kids crap, and all of this culminating in what is probably the best chance more Australians will pirate movies from the web.

With nothing on, nothing open, and the city as quiet as the opening to the book launch by Britney Spears' Mum on How You Should Raise Your Children, what the hell do people do?

I'm guessing most people are at home fucking. 

I'm at home with my brother. Writing on a laptop. 

But yeah.

The moral majority who makes Australia more Christian than the Bible belt in America need to get fucked so I can go out and do something.

Geeze. Such a boring day.

Jesus would be so annoyed. 

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