Like a horses head only more colourful

This morning I woke up with a cat sleeping next to me… or rather me sleeping next to the cat (which is how she would probably see it) and as my phone's alarm clock buzzed itself to life, Gigi – the cat in question – got a little startled.

I looked down at her and saw some feathers on my bed. I instantly thought "crikey, has she attacked a pillow" and then realised that… oh shit… there were feathers stuck to a wall… and they were colourful!

I jumped out of bed and saw the damage. 

Feathers. Lorikeet feathers. 

Ewww… I thought at one point it was the whole bird but as Dad helped me pick up the remains, he said it was just a wing.

Still ewww.

And then as I cleaned up the rest by myself and started taking the sheets off of my bed to be washed, I looked down and saw underneath my bed, the logo on a Viewsonic box staring up at me.

Really funny, Fate. Really fucking funny.

You know sometimes I wonder if I'm actually living inside of a black comedy. I even tell people that. No one ever tells me. It's probably a conspiracy. Like The Truman Show except all the world really is a bloody stage.

Or maybe it just could have been a warning sign from Gigi that the Mafia are out to get me and next time it'll be a horses head.

Oh well. I'll have the washing machine ready. 

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