The Bogong Diaries

Freedom is a blessing if you're on your vacation. The freedom to go wherever you please, to see whatever you want. Freedom is magical.

Why we're all clustered up in doorways as if the biggest pay-per-view moth orgy is happening is something I fail to understand.

As I flap my paper like wings and watch the scenery as it goes by, I can see my comrades all bunched up in doorways, windows, or anywhere with a nice light. They just stay there waiting for something to happen.

When we first all migrated down – the massive pack invading Sydney's night sky – they immediately planted themselves in their corners and went "right, let's start this vacation."

I looked up at them, my antennae bouncing off of my furry head, and asked "but why would you want to sit there doing nothing when there's so much to see?"

They didn't say a word; they just started snoring.

Yeah, their summer vacation had begun. I would make the most of mine.

I fly up the long white fluorescent tube of light and gaze longingly as I flap about. White light, white light, why do you burn so bright. I swear there's ne'er been a sweet & lovely sight!

I flap about and look at the people riding this bus. They cannot nearly know the world like I do. Full of life and difference and huddled up corner of strong and useful LIGHT!

–get a hold of yourself Barry. You're better than this. No one's going to fry this old Bogong's brain while Bogong Barry breathes again.

The scenery passes by again.

I think I need to find a place to land lest I smack into the window again.


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