A message to eMusic

Could you have made a more clunky application?

First of all you force people to use it. I've now downloaded a .emp file I can't actually use because your new application doesn't actually support these files, even tho every time I try to run it, the old Download Manager refuses to run and tells me I need to upgrade. So now I'm left with a song I can't download given to me in a filetype I can't use.

That's just brilliant. Great planning there.

Then you've gone ahead and given me a clunky Java version of Mozilla. I don't need another browser. I have enough as it is. Forcing someone to adopt your bug-ridden version of a browser just because you're trying to provide more iTunes-like service is ridiculous especially if you're not giving us a choice.

I liked the old download manager. It was A DOWNLOAD MANAGER. I didn't need anything else. Hell, you could have created an extension of Firefox or Mozilla based browsers. Maybe even a Gadget. But this… this monstrosity of an application doesn't even let me use your service.

Irritating as hell, occasionally you run the application and it doesn't run. It stays in the background opening multiple instances of XMLRunner everytime you try to run it but doesn't let you close them down.

So now I have a program that's worse than half of the Alpha programs I review on a daily basis.

So I ask again… could you have made a more clunky application?

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