Loaded with Vitamin Bullshit!

I probably should have seen this one coming, especially since I think it was Choice Magazine reported on this only too recently.

I have a bottle of Ribena. I'm drinking it because blackcurrant juice usually has a lot of Vitamin C added to it like most juices do. Anyway, some of the past bottles of Ribena I've had seem to indicate that it's rich in Vitamin C. Well… not so.

In fact, it seems to be only rich in sugar. Lots of sugar. Loads of fucking sugar. More sugar than a sugar factory. Sugarrific. So sugar-filled that I can't stop writing about sugar. It's just so sugar-tastic. Sugar-mania. Can't be sugar-fucking-phobic when drinking Ribena because it's nickname is Sugarina. 

And in case you didn't get the message behind all of this as I begin to take my lunch break:

Ribena is more sugar than fruit.

Hell, an anvil is more fruit than Ribena. It's just that fucking sugar filled.

Like seriously… 62grams of sugar for a 500ml serving. On what fucking planet did GlaxoSmithKline think that was acceptable. It's like saying "here, have some of our new HyperFuckedUpSugarWater! Did we mention it's purple?! And loaded with sugar!"

They must have an agreement with dentists where they get paid lots of money in exchange for dentists getting more work. 

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  1. Hey, ever picked up a tin of Milo and looked on the ingredients list? It’s 50% sugar! No shit, 50 grams per 100 g of the product is sugar!

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