Which bank?

I was doing some internet banking yesterday when I saw [url=http://www.stgeorge.com.au/resources/sgb/images/banner/sgb_cs1.jpg]this picture.[/url]

Ok. The guy has the right face for internet banking.
[b]”Holy fuck! I’ve got that much left in my account?!”[/b]

The girl is too cheerful. She’s smiling, but secretly she’s thinking…
[b]’Well I’ll be damned… Chris has more money than I realised. If I have sex with him, I’ll be able to buy that new Louis Vuitton bag…'[/b]

The kid just confuses me. I mean seriously… who the fuck lets their kids watch them use internet banking?

Anyway, the kid looks pretty smug. He’s thinking to himself…
[b]’Dad’s loaded. I can go out and fuck a few girls and he’ll probably pay for the abortions just to teach me a lesson. Dumbass.'[/b]


[b]’Now that I know how much cash Dad has, if he doesn’t get me an Xbox 360 for my birthday, I’m claiming sexual abuse and calling someone.'[/b]

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