Well just call me Toshi!

It’s [url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=Kyf_vqg-46U]videos like this[/url] that need to be distributed to Family First groups & the Christian Coalition.

In fact, send it to schools. Make versions for schools in various countries… Russia, Korea, Italy… fuck… anywhere. And let’s make an English version teaching us how to say similar phrases when we’re in different countries.

It’s shit like that that has to help geeks like me find more ways to get laid.

I use the word “more” in place of the word “any” or the article “a”.
In our cases, it’d just be beneficial to our mental health.

For instance, if I were overseas and I tried the language out and something came out like “I give good head,” it’s possible that I might just be able to show the girl that, praying that of course it was a girl (and one my age-ish).

See, this is what sex education should be.

Sex education should teach someone how to get laid, not what the specifics of actually having sex are.
I mean fuck. Exactly. Fuck. How hard is it to figure out?

Between the Internet, softcore and hardcore porn, and natural human instincts (between men wanting to shove their Meccano sets into anything that has a hole without something occupying that space and women getting an aptitude for lying and smoking at the same time), it’s not ridiculously hard to figure out how to have sex with a person.

Shit, if you’re at the point where you’re making out with someone, your hand is grabbing their ass, undoing their belts and their jeans and gradually getting all their clothes off, I’d venture a guess and say that while you may very well suck at having sex (and suck at giving head), you probably have an idea of what you’re supposed to do.

And if you don’t, there’s probably a track on the latest Panic At The Disco album to help you out.

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