The Nutjob of Gauge

Many of you wrote in and asked me what exactly “The Nutjob of Gauge” was.


I lied.

No one wrote in and asked me.

I got a “?” from Pedso (whose blog — which rarely gets updated — is linked in the right-hand column) and even I couldn’t explain it.

But I’m going to try.

Gauge is porn star, which probably suggests that she’s accustomed to getting a lot of cock shoved down her throat. Now, whether or not her throat & gullet have actually stretched themselves to become the width of my fist, I’ll never know (not unless you’re reading this, sweet Gauge, and you feel a trip is worth it to come to the land down under to show me or prove me or… something…).
However, because of her cock-sucking antics, it’s probably safe to say that she’s used to getting [url=]tea-bagged[/url] or at least nibbles on those nuts every once in a while, I while I’m ranting and rambling on and on and not really having a clue what the hell I’m supposed to be on about and probably missing every point that flies over my head, I guess “The Nutjob of Gauge” is probably more a secret desire to have Gauge gobble on my nuts than anything else.

I imagine I would be “The Nutjob of Gauge” if Gauge did in fact choke down these balls.

So I’m probably not “The Nutjob of Gauge”.

In fact, right now I’m probably more “The Tugjob of Self” than anything else.

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    Leigh D. Stark

    So here I am, writing a blog about how hot Elisha Cuthbert is and making comments about stupid celebrity blogs that blast her because she has a bit of facial hair when along comes my Firefox and blogging engine and — working together no doubt on the tip-

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