Master Chief, this can only be good news…

[i]Master Chief sir, news from the front line!
It appears as Universal and Fox have lost interest in you, sir!
Between all the aliens and warthogs with flat tires, they weren’t incredibly happy with the hiring of an unknown director by the name of Neill Blomkamp nor were they impressed with Microsoft being as greedy as them!
Sir, I just want to say that–

[b]BLAM! BLAM! BLAM![/b]

Sorry sir, I won’t raise my hand again when you’re firing at an enemy. I know you’re not much of a talker, Master Chief, what with HQ being all tight-lipped about what to expect in [url=]your third outing[/url] as well as [url=]your command detail[/url], but next time when I raise my arm to salute you, could you not blow it off with your gun. I mean, I know there won’t be a next time as while I stand here speaking in pain with blood gushing out of one shoulder socket, but sir, what I was going to say is that this can only be a good thing.


Sir, you’re right sir! I don’t need either of my legs and will be absolutely fine being a stumpy torso with one arm and a head for the rest of my life. I meant to say before you removed me of my unnecessary parts that if you look at the past history of video game movies with [url=]Super Mario Brothers[/url], [url=]Double Dragon[/url], [url=]the Mortal Kombat films[/url], [url=]Doom[/url], and every single incarnation of a video game movie [url=]that Uwe Boll seems to ruin[/url], you should consider yourself lucky that the audiences around the world won’t have to see a bad translation of your wonderful character, sir!
I’ll just make… err… stump jumps… I guess… back to HQ, sir! Could anyone give me a lift?! Anyone?![/i]

Seriously, smart move Universal & Fox.

Now the rest of the world needs to listen and whoever the hell funds Uwe Boll movies needs to stop killing video game fanatics dreams by letting him make movies.

What I find odd about the [url=]article from Variety[/url] informing about this news tidbit is that no one at Variety seems to know how to stay within one set of name spellings for the directory of the currently-expired production.

[quote]As word of the U and Fox exit spread, speculation centered around the inexperience of “Halo” helmer Neill Blomkamp, a 27-year-old first-time feature director.

“Everybody is supremely confident in Neal,” Kamins said. “Part of what excited Peter and Fran was Neal’s vision. We’re very confident this film will move forward with the creative partners intact, who will take the film to production.” [/quote]

Neill… Neal… Neill… Neal… one of them! Pick one for your article!
[url=]Check IMDB![/url] [url=]Do something Variety![/url]
Do something that isn’t sitting on your backsides pretending you know the movie business if you can’t spell someone’s fucking name!

Actually, with Fox and Universal pulling out, it doesn’t mean that Halo is dead. Far from it as Peter Jackson’s digital effects teams will still end up working on the flick, which probably means that Halo will have more CGI than the Lord Of The Rings series. How you get more CGI than LOTR, I have no idea.

Why not just give Halo to Disney and let Master Chief and Stitch terrorise the fucking world. I mean, what with Master Chief and Stitch, no one would fuck with the human race again. And the aliens might learn from Stitch.

It could be a sort of make-shift exchange program.

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