Live from Sydney, Australia…

…The greatest pub city on the planet… it’s…

[b]Sarah Luna![/b]
Yay! Cheers! Woooohooooo! Yeeeehawwwwwwww!
[b]*random person throws not so random person’s underwear on stage while the not-so-random person wonders how the hell the random person got the underwear off of them while they were wearing it without noticing*[/b]

Yes, we are Sarah Luna. We being [url=]Michael Stark[/url], [url=]Boris Lerner[/url], and myself, [url=]Leigh D. Stark[/url].

Mike takes the lead vocals and guitar, Boris takes the drums, and I take the bass, and tonight we played an 8 song set at [url=]The Lansdowne[/url]… another one of Sydney’s notorious pubs.

Pubs in Sydney are generally notorious. Notoriety, however, isn’t necessarily a good thing. For instance, Tantra, a club which no longer exists but did at one point exist near Taylor Square on Oxford Street was notorious for being over priced and absolutely shit.

While out with some mates, I found that one of the “Irish” pubs on George St. was to become notorious for having quite possibly some of the dumbest security guards on the planet. Either that or they were just discriminating. Bastards. It’s not my fault that I don’t have breasts or a cunt. Do you really don’t think that I do want one of each? Shit, I wouldn’t need to go outside. I’d just sit in my room, stark naked, playing with each as if it’s some sort of Meccano set.

The Lansdowne is notorious for it’s $5 steak, which is pretty good for the price. Sure, you have to buy a drink for 3 bucks to get the $5 steak, but in the end, paying 8 bucks for a steak that’s cooked better than most over-priced steak-houses is probably worth it.

I, however, missed the kitchen tonight. Instead I went to Oporto’s with [url=]one of my really close friends BJ[/url], who was there to support me and my band with some of her friends… cousins… family… one of them. It’s all probably the same. Who the hell knows. Certainly not me. I can rarely tell the difference between family members and a sheep. New Zealanders are funny that way.

BJ’s not a Kiwi, though. She’s a Philo… Philopeanean… I know I’ve fucked that one up, I just know it, and yet the bringing of 2 am makes me so lazy that I’m just lazy enough to NOT run through a spell checker. So she’s Philo and possibly Philo-pastry. That can be my new term for Philo… oh you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, so I’m wearing my low-cut jeans tonight, the type that you’d be able to see the long line of crack that adores my regal backside if I wasn’t wearing my [url=]Mr. Men-Mr. Grumpy boxer trunks[/url] with them.

And we had friends that turned up. I’ll name names and I’ll try and remember all those that came so in case they get called up by a court for something, you’ll either have an alibi or a memory as to “yeah, I attended the first REAL Sarah Luna gig!” Hell, maybe it’s a fond memory. Fucked if I know…

Mum, Dad, Brad, BJ, BJ’s crew, Ralph Davis, (I think) Linda Klarfeld, Wendell Teodoro, Sam, Aviva, Sonja, Nick, Aeden, Anna, Anna’s percussionist friend, Rob Prior, John Prior, and whole bunch of people I’ve never heard of and will probably never see again… if I left out your name and you came, or if I didn’t mention your name because I had no idea what it was and no one told me, you can apply the following words just as those people who I did list should:
[b]Thank you for coming. It was great to play for such a great audience and I know that I can’t wait ’till I do it again, as I’m sure the rest of the band feel the same.[/b]

Anyway, we all made some mistakes but all in all, people said that we played pretty well. A few people told us the songs they liked and the sort of things we should do to change ourselves and make our band better. One guy apparently told Mike that he’d like us enough to pay for us. That’s gotta count for something.

BJ’s crew were probably the coolest to me. I still don’t know who they are… BJ probably told me at one point, but with my hopeless memory, I’ll be lucky to remember what I was going to write in place of this line here as a sort of joke to get a laugh. See. I’ve forgotten. I’m that good! At… something… I guess… anyway…

BJ’s crew were probably the coolest to me, with people I can’t remember the names of (if I was ever told) telling me I looked cute while I was playing bass, that they liked our name Sarah Luna (even though apparently it’s a girl’s clothing label… who knew?!), and that my Stitch and Gollum voices made them laugh.

Woohoo! Possibilities? Probably not, but it beats trying to remember lines that make me look like an arrogant dickhead.

By the way, I’ve so far got a few photos from the event. There were two photographers there tonight. [url=]Wendell Teodoro[/url] and [url=]Gary Stark[/url] (yep, Mike’s and my Dad). There could’ve been more, but these were the only two I saw.

Some of Wendell’s shots can be found below.

Photography by Wendell Teodoro, [url=][/url]





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